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Iftar Buffet

Experience an Unforgettable Iftar Buffet in Sydney at Lal Qila Darling Harbour.

As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, Lal Qila Darling Harbour is excited to announce the return of our much-anticipated Dinner / Iftar Buffet. Situated in the heart of Sydney, our restaurant becomes a gathering place for families, friends, and communities looking to break their fast with a sumptuous feast. Every evening during Ramadan, Lal Qila offers an extraordinary dining experience that transcends the ordinary iftar buffet in Sydney.

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Bookings - Iftar Buffet | Darling Harbour

Under 4: free | 4 - 10 : $29.99 | 10+ Years: $54.90

Request a Table

Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you

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Subject to availability, exclusive to Darling Harbour. 

**Entrees will be served once**
Samosa / Spring Rolls 
Chicken Tikka 
Lamb Sekh Kabab 
Lahori Fish

Chicken Roll / Chicken Wings / Fried Chicken
Papri Chaat / Dahi Bhallay 

2x Chicken Curries 
Lamb Curry
Beef Curry 
Vegetarian Curry 

Noodles / Pasta

Chef choice of desserts X2
Garden Salad/ 
Chaana Salad

Mint sauce

Zam zam water 
Roh Afzah

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