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We look forward to seeing you!

**Please note We'll only be doing dinner buffet between 12th March - 9th April.(No Ala carte between 7pm-9pm)
Prepayment needed for all  Iftaar buffet Reservations**

With its ambient atmosphere, flavourful nourishment and extensive eating territory, Lal Qila is the ideal venue for your next gathering! We can oblige up to 200 individuals at Lal Qila Darling Harbour. Incorporated into your booking will be a choice of conventional starters to whet your visitors' hungers trailed by a decision of 3 diverse fundamental courses for your visitors to look over, completed off with pastry. Contingent upon your necessities, we can likewise organize live diversion.

We'll be in touch to confirm your booking. PLEASE NOTE: All bookings are for one and a half hours. We kindly ask you respect this time limit.

Party Bookings

There is dependably a period for festivity; you should simply discover the venue. Lal Qila's can provide food for gatherings in style and solace with our private feasting range in eatery. Evade dissatisfaction and book ahead of time to make the most of the festival, and unwind in an amicable and inviting environment with great nourishment and magnificent client administration.

Family & Friends

We as a whole have family and companions and we as a whole eat. Appreciating them together is a piece of life, picking an awesome eatery is getting considerably simpler. With our history and great sustenance eatery you can't settle on a terrible decision here. Pick an eatery that is marginally off the beaten track, astonishing your loved ones with you learning of Sydney, and thankfulness for its legacy.

Business Lunches

Business Lunches Been with us in the evening and thinking hungry at lunch. With our service and lunch time hours we are an ideal choice for businesses all around the King St, Wharf Darling Harbour and City of Sydney. Since we opened we have served as a meeting point for businesses, coming to us for the quality of food and excellence of our service. Come in today and see why.

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